• Yudai Kamisato 2020 new piece series


    Next: to be announced in early November!

  • From December 2019 to February 2020, Yudai did research with Mark Teh, Director, Curator and Researcher in Malaysia, in the Ryukyu Islands and northern Thailand as “Collaborative Research: Re-Reading the history from the South." He makes a new piece based on the research collaboration.

    As the theater version is postponed this year, he creates the online version. It will be streamed at Festival Theaterformen 2020, and after it will be presented several times as a series.

    Details of the second and further pieces will be published on the website as needed!

  • NEWS

    Vol.1 "KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3"

    Streaming date(3 days only)
    July 11th 2:00 AM ~ 13th 7:00 AM (in Japan time)

    (July 10th 7:00 PM ~ 12th 24:00PM (in Germany time))

    *For free, no reservation needed


    Playwright, Direction: Yudai Kamisato
    Performer: Sumire Urata
    Sound design: Masashi Wada
    Dramaturge: Woomin Hyun

    Festival Theaterformen 2020
    "A Sea of Islands" has opened!

    Thu. 2nd - Sun. 12th July

    Festival Theaterformen 2020 which "KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3" participates has opened!

    Online conversation
    The One Thing That Helped

    Sat. 11th July 22:30~ (in Japan time)

    (Sat. 11th July 15:30~ (in Germany time))

    Yudai Kamisato and Martine Dennewald (artistic director of Festival Theaterformen) will have an online conversation!


    If you would like to participate, please email talks@theaterformen.de (in English)!

  • Tracing the origins of shochu and redrawing maps

    Shochu, a type of Japanese alcoholic beverage, is said to have come to Japan from Thailand, via the Ryukyu Islands. Working on the hypothesis that Okinawa can still function as a relay point linking Japan and other Asian countries, as the Ryukyu kingdom once did, Yudai Kamisato is researching the production of distilled spirits on the Ryukyu Islands (including Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, the main Okinawa island, and Miyakojima) and the provinces of Chiang Mai and Phrae in northern Thailand.

    He traces the transmission of distilled spirits and takes a close look at the wavering of borders in Southeast and East Asia.


    As members of the audience, in the act of watching a play in the theater, we may feel the influence on our own bodies.

    The online “theatrical work” created this time is designed to have the performance unfold in the brains of each and every audience member (viewer), and thereby give their bodies a theatrical experience.

  • Credit

    『KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3』

    Playwright, Direction: Yudai Kamisato
    Performer: Sumire Urata
    Sound design: Masashi Wada
    Dramaturge: Woomin Hyun
    Producer: Tamiko Ouki(precog)
    Project manager: Megumi Mizuno(precog)

    English Translation: Aya Ogawa

    German Translation: Jerome Mermod
    In co-operation with Amy Hiraoka, Keisuke Ogawa, Hideaki Washio, Morishita Studio


    Research collaborator: Mark Teh
    Planning and Production Management by precog co., LTD.

    Production: P, Okazaki Art Theatre
    Co-produced by Festival Theaterformen 2020
    Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), The Saison Foundation (for “Collaborative Research: Re-Reading the history from the South”)

    In co-operation with The Japan Foundation Asia Center, The Japan Foundation,Bangkok, Jarunun Phantachat, Teerawat Mulvilai



    Yudai Kamisato participates in the Festival Theaterformen 2020 in Braunschweig, Germany, with the first online piece "KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3." It is on the occasion of its 30th anniversary and for the last edition for Martine Dennewald, artistic director.
    This year, the festival has changed the form to online due to COVID-19.
    Under the title “A Sea of Islands“, it will bring together artistic formats connected with islands throughout the world. Yudai presents a new piece based on the islands located southern islands of Japan.

    It is presented in an alternative form; letters and publications for home, artistic videos on the festival website, and pieces with attributes of installation art that visitors can view at local sites in Braunschweig, under strict hygiene restrictions.

    Here we introduce the introduction of “A Sea of Islands“ including the comments from the artistic director Martine Dennewald.


    “A Sea of Islands“

    (quoted from Festival Theaterformen website)

    The Faroe Islands, the Comoros and the Caribbean, Nauru, Timor und Sri Lanka: for eleven days, the Festival Theaterformen will put islands in the spotlight – each of them with their own political peculiarities, geostrategic problems and projection screens for a better life.


    The artistic director Martine Dennewald says: “With A Sea of Islands, we are shifting the focus to areas that are considered to be peripheral. This means nothing less than taking a different perspective on the world.”


    Many of the difficulties faced by the islands are relevant to the whole world, from the climate crisis and the exhaustion of natural resources to how to deal with migration. Not infrequently, it is precisely this spatial isolation that reveals the effects of global geopolitical or ecological entanglements.


    “Islands can teach us something”, emphasises Dennewald, “about the interplay between isolation and global contexts.”


    In the context of the coronavirus crisis, the focus on the assumed periphery, on spatially isolated but nonetheless globally connected places, has taken on an unforeseen timeliness.


    “As an international festival, our role is to look beyond our own back garden, to facilitate cross-border exchange. It is more important than ever not to forget that even in isolation, even in a state of withdrawal, we are part of a whole”, stresses Martine Dennewald.


    “A Sea of Islands” will be Dennewald’s final festival as artistic director.

    Before the pandemic broke out, the Festival Theaterformen had planned to present 18 international productions connected with the same number of different islands right across the world. This special edition of the festival will remain true to the artists who were originally invited, and to the island theme.

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